Kezdőlap Egyebek Machine Gun Kelly (MGK) – Dont let me go

Machine Gun Kelly (MGK) – Dont let me go


I never thought that Machine Gun Kelly (MGK), the rapper, actor, filmmaker, singer, songwriter, real name: COLSON BAKER, would sneak into my heart. Well, not because of its extravagant looks, which was noticeable at first, but because of what it does. He does nothing but put it out there, giving himself to us with his music and lyrics. Its uniqueness lies in its simplicity. 

She released her first mixtape in 2006 at the age of 17, followed by four more.
Machine Gun Kelly (MGK) American singer, rapper, musician, songwriter and actor/Photo: Pinterest


He is not only an amazingly good head and a good face, but he represents and creates such value in his genre that demand that we watch and listen to him. Moreover, it helps those who are deeply introverted, running away from themselves… a better, more beautiful world lures them, which is an illusion: the world of drugs.


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Colson Baker[3] (Houston, April 22, 1990), stage name Machine Gun Kelly (MGK), is an American singer, rapper, musician, songwriter and actor.
Machine Gun Kelly (MGK) amerikai énekes, rapper, zenész, dalszerző és színész/Fotó: Pinterest

Machine Gun Kelly (MGK) – Dont let me go – Ne engedj el


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In his song “Dont let me go”, which was released a few days ago, he smokes, plays the piano, shows off his flashy clothes and tattooed skin, but he honestly reveals his feelings and thoughts.

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One and a half million

As soon as MGK uploaded this song on their channel, it already reached almost one and a half million views.



Something strange…

You can make fun of the fact that he doesn’t have a really punchy, good voice, which might hold its own, but something strange and unique can be discovered in his voice. Anyway, his whole personality is remarkable and lovable!


What could it be?

Not everyone is attracted to what I watch. I don’t care how great the singer is, no matter how many octaves he dazzles, I don’t care if he’s an idol, how big a star he is. The point is that what you sing, how your voice vibrates, should be honest and authentic! This is how a VOICE can add value to me and maybe to some of us. Of course, what you express, what you say, how you feel is also important!



He is the child of missionary parents

He traveled the world with his missionary parents, they traveled constantly, and he was enriched by many experiences. Unfortunately, his mother left them and he ended up in Denver with his father. He liked rap when he was in the sixth grade. Her father also stayed away, left her, but returned to her in 2005.


Marcsi, the beautician: “…To gather the tiny pieces of the soul together…”

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At the age of 17, he already released a record

It’s no coincidence that Eminem, Ludacris and DMX were his favorites and idols he listened to. It became clear that rap would be his life. He released an album at the age of 17, followed by 4 more in a row!



He worked for a restaurant chain

Interesting fact: even though he became famous with his music, he worked for a long time at a chain restaurant to pay the rent.



He uses marijuana on a daily basis.


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He longs for love

It is undisputed that everyone – including Him – desires love and wants to feel it, which is why he uses the drug. He became addicted to Adderall, but is in regular treatment.


The source of happiness

MGK: “… a source of happiness and an opportunity for people to feel a little more love.”

Lack of love?

Unfortunately, we all die for lack of love. We don’t feel loved, but I don’t think that’s always true! I am with him in such a way that I would rather love from the bottom of my heart than be loved. Of course, my heart and liver are gaining weight, even if I feel it, but this should not be the priority!


PIET Arion: “… there is always a kind of music in my heart…”

Megan Fox

He is currently living with actress Megan Fox. Good luck to them!

Heartily recommended

I wholeheartedly recommend the songs of MGK, who have both acting and film history, along with the current one!


Life saving songs

I recommend it, because you can save lives with your songs!


One or two commenters on MGK’s YouTube channel also say that it saved his life! It can be especially inspiring for those who have become addicted to drugs for some reason.

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I am thankful that somehow the Lord led me to him.

Let us not let Him go, let us not pass Him by!


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