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8 Most Interesting Movies About Gambling and Casinos


We recommend 8 of the most interesting and popular movies about casinos and gambling with a fascinating plot and incredible endings.

We tell you about the most striking movies in which casinos and gambling played a key role. Gambling is often the centerpiece of both outstanding literary works and the scripts of brilliant films.


was accused of organizing illegal, very high-stakes poker tournaments
The Big Game (2017) – A modern drama based on the life of entrepreneur Molly Bloom/Photo: Entertainment One


There are many worthy examples in the world of movies, telling about the hidden sides of casinos and gambling, as well as real stories about gambling that changed the lives of many people.


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The Gambler (1974)

It tells the story of literature teacher Axel Freed, who is obsessed with sports betting.
The Gambler (1974) – A cult drama about gambling – The Player/Photo: Paramount Pictures

Cult drama

A cult drama about gambling, which tells the story of literature professor Axel Freed, who is obsessed with sports betting.


Drawing several ideas from Dostoevsky’s novel “The Gambler,” Freed becomes literally consumed by his desire to make money from gambling, and soon loses a fortune.

Las Vegas

Gathering his last funds, the former professor heads to Las Vegas, hoping to win back his losses, but there he faces even greater disappointments and blows of fate.

Your debt is settled

After a series of random events, Freed finally repays his debt, but this adventure completely changes his life.

Mark Wahlberg

In 2014, a remake of the original film was released, starring Mark Wahlberg in the lead role. 


The Big Game (2017)

was accused of organizing illegal, very high-stakes poker tournaments
The Big Game (2017) – A modern drama based on the life of entrepreneur Molly Bloom/Photo: Entertainment One


Modern drama

A more modern drama based on the autobiography of businesswoman Molly Bloom, who was accused of organizing illegal high-stakes poker tournaments.

Secret Casino – Los Angeles

Due to a severe injury, Bloom is forced to end her career in competitive skiing, after which she accidentally lands a job at an underground casino in Los Angeles.

Own casino

Quickly mastering the intricacies of the gambling business, the heroine clashes with her management and soon opens her own casino.

Mafia and court

Her payment for rapid entrepreneurial success comes in the form of conflicts with the mafia, physical assaults, and the arrest of all her assets. Throughout this, Bloom does not disclose the names of her enemies and admits her guilt in court.


Lucky You (2007)

In this film, the story of love and the difficulties of family relationships unfold through perhaps the greatest game of chance, poker.
Lucky You (2007) – Talented player Hak Civer longs to participate in a prestigious poker tournament/Photo: Warner Bros


Love and poker

In this film, the story of love and the difficulties in family relationships are revealed through, arguably, the main gambling game – poker.

A prestigious poker tournament

The talented player, Huck Cheever, wishes to enter a prestigious poker tournament, but to do this, he needs to gather an enormous sum.

A complicated game

Deciding to steal from his beloved and drowning in debts, Cheever still makes it to the tournament, but a challenging game awaits him at the final table against his father.

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Twenty-One (2007)

... tells the story of the attempt of some students and one of their teachers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology to defeat the casino...
Twenty-One (2007) – A little-known film starring Kevin Spacey/Photo: Warner Bros


Beating the casino

A lesser-known film featuring Kevin Spacey in the lead role tells the story of an attempt by several students and a professor from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology to beat the casino.

Biggest casinos in Las Vegas

Once a famous card player, now a professor of higher mathematics and probability theory, Micky Rosa seeks clever students to help him beat the major casinos of Las Vegas, repeatedly hitting the jackpot at the blackjack table.

Serious debates

Initially, everything goes according to plan for the team, but soon serious scandals erupt among them, and the players start betraying each other.

Key figure

One of the key figures in the plot turns out to be a casino observer who has long known the main character and is specifically hunting him.


Croupier (1998)

Continuing her career as a writer, croupier Jack Manfred witnesses the losses of others and breaks all the rules of the casino.
Croupier (1998) – a croupier gets a job and discovers all the delights behind the scenes of gambling./Photo: ARTE LLC


The croupier’s

Another movie about the underbelly of casinos, whose main character lands a job as a croupier and discovers all the behind-the-scenes delights of gambling.


Continuing his career as a writer, croupier Jack Manfred watches others’ losses and breaks all the casino’s rules.

Casino robbery foiled

Wishing to help one of the players, Manfred decides to rob the casino, which is thwarted at the last moment.

Part of a criminal scheme

Having lost everything, the croupier publishes a book about this story and continues working at the casino. Soon, Jack learns that his entire career in this position was part of a huge criminal plan devised by his father. 


Walk Along the Mississippi (2015)

With both parties leaving everything to the woodwork, the partners set off on a race tour across southern states in the United States...
Walk Along the Mississippi (2015) – A gambling real estate agent meets a young gambler by chance/Photo: A24 Films


Hope: win

A real estate agent obsessed with gambling accidentally meets a young player who reignites his hope of making big money from betting.

Addiction and enthusiasm

Abandoning everything, the partners embark on a tournament journey across the southern states of the USA, but their addiction and excessive obsession with the game lead to constant quarrels, and their debts only increase.

Loss and escape

Hoping for the success of his younger associate, the main character loses everything and is forced to flee from his enemies.

Series of failures – winning

After a series of failures, the players decide to bet their last winnings, pay off their debts, and help their families. And this plan is on the verge of falling apart.


Ocean’s Trilogy (2001−2007)

Of course, in the collection of casino films, one cannot avoid the three remakes of the 1960 film of the same name, in which Frank Sinatra played the main role.
Ocean’s Trilogy (2001−2007) – a few Hollywood star-shaped criminal elements gather to rob the biggest casinos in Las Vegas/Photo: Warner Bros


Frank Sinatra

Of course, in a collection of films about casinos, it’s impossible to ignore the three remakes of the eponymous 1960 film, starring Frank Sinatra in the leading role.

Criminal elements

The plots of these movies are as follows: several criminal elements, played by key Hollywood stars, come together to rob the biggest casinos in Las Vegas.

Improvisation – escape

A meticulously planned heist always falls apart from the first minutes of its execution, forcing the heroes to improvise and figure out how to escape from the complicated situation.

“constant failures”

In all this, huge sums of money, FBI agents, and constant “loyalty checks” of each player, who try to outsmart each other, are involved.

Casino Royale (2006)

Oddly enough, the plot of this film focuses more on the British special services' fight against criminals than on gambling.
Casino Royale (2006) – Poker tournament at “Casino Royale” in Montenegro/Photo: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer


Most important movie

And perhaps the most iconic casino film that comes to mind for many movie enthusiasts.

British special services

Strangely enough, the plot of this film is more about the struggle of British intelligence services against criminals, rather than gambling.

Montenegrin “Casino Royale”

At the same time, the key events of the next saga about James Bond unfold at a poker tournament in the “Casino Royale” in Montenegro.

More than money

The main win in this game is more than just money: if victorious, Bond will force his arch-enemy Le Chiffre to cooperate with MI-6. However, things don’t go as planned, and Le Chiffre’s bluff leads to Bond’s defeat, after which events unfold in the style of a classic action movie.


Featured and opening image: The Big Game (2017 Entertainment One)

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