Kezdőlap Egyebek PIET Arion: “… there is always a kind of music in my...

PIET Arion: “… there is always a kind of music in my heart…”


Interview with Piet Arion, the singer and composer who lives in Vienna

Who walked through hell, but the love of his fans keeps him with us


In one of the wonderful countries among the Alps, for the first time, light shone on the singing talent of someone. Which has caught the attention of so many, including me. I am currently listening to the young stars’ songs, Piet Arion, who lives in Vienna. Changing between his originals and remixes of other songs. The latter feeling like they give me more than the original version. May we ask someone who does not claim his stardom, why it was singing that has found him in his path? What he longs for? What is it that he wants to share with his audience? When we listen to his voice, he takes us to a wonderful, special place where we find home.

Let's say retreat to nature or another beautiful place, where you can leave all your negative thoughts and fears behind and feel like you're alive again.
PIET: “…people say that they experience emotions again through my music, that all means a lot to me…”/Photo: Piet Arion




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Talent that is born within, rises from such depths that we sometimes lose our way in it. Despite this we aren’t afraid of it and it doesn’t scare us. It doesn’t sneak up or lurk around. No, it’s nothing like that. It’s alive, like a cell that turns into tissue and later develops into an organ, into an organ system. Overtime as it reaches points it has been longing for to stay alive, it starts to create and form its own shape. It is born. Begins to show its own face, because what lies within is not something that should be wasted. This is solely dependent on what we decide to do with it. For some, nothing can break to the surface due to the lack of self-confidence and core trust which creates the constant degrading of the soul. Talent may fall on the shoulders of some, as heavy rocks weighing about a tonne. It’s hard to carry around and live with it. However, it is preset for us to act upon it. The worth of talent on its own is nothing. The thing that makes talent heard and gives it a voice is action, we need to act upon talent. From up above we receive the opportunity to open it up.


Liszt’s music pervades his great-grandson, Michael’s life



Piet’s crib lays in the Alps

His crib lays among the beautiful and at times scary mountains of the Alps. I am sure and do believe that his particularly impulsive, strong and upbeat personality is greatly due to his upbringing in the mountains. At the same time, I believe that his lyrical and romantic personality couldn’t have developed, because next to music, nature leads him towards completeness. Just like us! But only, if we can synchronize with and psych up for his voice and music.


PIET: “Singing is a constantly changing process…”


He considers himself a mountain child

PIET: I am a mountain child and grew up in the Alps of Austria three hours away from Vienna. My grandparents played traditional folk songs, but no one in my family did music or singing as a career. Those who tried, could not make a living from it. Which is why it was frowned upon in the family, if someone wanted to do something with music as a career. That’s why I tried to hide it.


Fan support

PIET: When I showed someone my music, they didn’t understand what I was doing. Which is why I didn’t receive any support for a very long time. Only later through my fans. That’s also the reason why I’m still trying not to stop making music. But often with every song I think to myself “Is this the last one? Will I do another one?”


Gyergyói mese és néhány fényes gomb is befigyelt


He didn’t grow up with singing


He did not grow up with singing and sadly there were no music classes at the schools he attended. Although, he would have really liked music as a subject. He was not singing for a long time, maybe a bit for himself just like children often do when they play. He did not think about doing it professionally, but always loved to write poems and lyrics.



What touched him – Mariah Carey: „Through The Rain”

The song “Through The Rain” from Mariah Carey touched him and it was all he had at a time when he was doing very bad. Basically, Mariah saved his life, and that is why he ended up singing that song. He recorded it in a student studio, because he couldn’t afford another one, and the mix and the sound didn’t end up being that good. Though, he kept the video on Youtube, (to our delight! Visó) because it moved a lot of people, which told him not to give up. Actually, you can see a lot of clips of him in there from his school time. But you would not recognize him because he looked very different, as he told us. The song was also wonderfully interpreted by Morissette Amon. From her he sang the song “Akin Ka Na Lang“.



Visó: Who would you name as your teacher?

Whitney and Cissy Houston

PIET: If I had to name a singer who taught me the most, I would have to say Whitney Houston. She was my greatest teacher. Listening to her technique and watching her. I would never have had the money to pay a music teacher for private lessons. Of course I got some advices about how to sing from friends and musicians. But you can’t call that singing lessons. So I never really learned how to sing, I just taught it to myself. Also with my mix-voice kind of style, singing teachers would not have known what to do with it. As a singer I think you are constantly influenced by a lot of musicians that you like. Each of them has a different style and technique that inspires you, which is why they all somehow become your teachers. I think Whitney’s musical background made her this amazing singer. If I could choose a singing teacher, I would choose her mother, Cissy Houston, who also sang for Aretha Franklin. As a singer you hear yourself and might think it is fine. Then one day when you hear your voice on a recording, your voice sounds different to you than you hear it yourself. You somehow learn that how you sing and hear yourself is not as it will be on a recording. So then you somehow learn to sing how you want to sound on a recording, which is pretty strange.


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New things, experimenting, microphones

PIET: So singing is not only just singing, it is always a changing process. Every now and then it feels like you have to learn it from the start. I also like to be experimental and try out new things, such as other microphones. I also tried out many studio microphones and on some you sound completely different, then you rethink how you should sing and want to sound.


A legjobb online kaszinó magyar játékosoknak



Visó: Which musical instruments take your breath away, which ones do you play?


His favorite instrument is: “Choir”

PIET: I like movie soundtrack music the most. Something epic with a lot of orchestra. If I could pick “choir” as my favorite instrument, then that would be it. I started playing the guitar when I was in love with a musician and the piano but I didn’t continue, so I’m bad at it. I like to concentrate more on writing lyrics or working on a song idea. Then I sing my ideas to a professional musician and create the song together. Since I am open to all genres and different music, I like to try out a lot of things.



Visó: Almost, in all of your videos we can see the sadness written all over your face.

Freedom, adventure and party

PIET: Usually, I’m more of a sad person, but somehow the album “Teenage Storms“ took on a more positive vibe in the end. Which I think is kind of cool. I did not think it would get that positive. It is also a memory of youth and teenage days. when you still had carefree dreams and the world was open to you. This feeling of freedom, adventure and partying.

PIET Arion: “… mindig szól szívemben egyfajta zene…”

Appreciate the small things

Despite all the sadness in his life, he always tried to see things in a good light and to appreciate the small things. So in that way he taught himself to somehow be happy and to take life as it is. That’s why he doesn’t consider himself to be sad person, but rather a relatively happy one. PIET: “Especially if you have already been in the deepest darkness and sadness and have reached a really extremely low point, everything seems beautiful in contrast.”

Normally, I consider myself to be more of a sad person, but 'Teenage Storms' gave off a pretty positive vibe, which I think is cool.
PIET: “In my album, “Teenage Storms” every song comes to life in a different way.”/Photo: Piet Arion




How you sound is more important than being a good singer

For Piet it’s not that important whether someone is a good singer. For him it’s much more important how someone sounds. Just because someone can sing a note, it doesn’t mean that it sounds pleasant. What he learned about singing is that it’s important to be well rested and to be in an environment where it is not very dry.


PIET: “Humidity is good for the voice. So if you have a job where you talk a lot and live in a place where it doesn’t rain often – then that’s bad. A lot of things can influence your voice. I think the most important is to warm up your voice with exercises before singing and also use warm water.”


Producing his own songs

PIET: Even before my first cover songs I tried to produce my own songs. I like to put my own emotions, style and feelings into lyrics and music. But I never started doing it with the thought that one day I could have a career with it.


From heart

PIET: I just wanted to do it from my heart. I still make music by hobby, because many people who came into my life called themselves my manager and promised me a million things. But in the end brought me nothing. I wrote and did a lot of songs that no one has heard yet, which I still have to pay off.



He was treated like a superstar, but all he got was promises

PIET: As I got more views on YouTube, some musicians I worked with treated me as a superstar and decided to raise their prices extremely. Which is why it became difficult for me to pay everything off and move forward. I still struggle with this. Everything seemed to take a very long time. Those who wanted to support me wanted to be in control of everything and without even knowing me. Or they wanted the rights of my songs. There are many people who basically do not really help you, but want a part of your success for which they themselves have done nothing. There are also some people who want to divert you from your path or want to confuse you. That is why it’s important to never lose yourself in all of these things. Because otherwise you wouldn’t be making music from the heart anymore. And I think that’s the most important thing. I don’t want to lose that. Why else would I make music if it didn’t come from my heart?


He doesn’t just perform the songs

Piet loves singing and songwriting, therefore his lyrics always have a strong message for everyone. He feels at home in all these areas. I am constantly listening to his songs and remixes on replay. It would be impossible to ask him about all of them but, I have spotted a common pattern amongst them. He rises with the melody, the lyrics which sweep him away. He doesn’t only perform the songs, but identifies with them and becomes one with the music. I will not deny it. What he creates with his voice astonishes me so much that it’s very hard to find the words to describe the feeling.


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Facebook:   / pietarion  


About the “Teenage Storms“ album: ”To finish it was not so easy”

PIET: I started to make a lot songs a longer time ago which are still not released. But you can listen to my album “Teenage Storms“. To finish it was not so easy. I am very happy that everyone can finally listen to it on all kinds of music streaming platforms and on Youtube. It really means a lot when my fans listen to it and like it.


PIET’s YouTube channel:


Visó: Why ”Teenage Storms”?


PIET: I called it “Teenage Storms” because when I started writing and working on those songs, I was still a teenager. And there have been big storms in my life over the years. Storms of love relationships, storms of struggles for the songs and making music, storms of survival, storms of finding a home. And storms of finding answers in life. I did not have so much to say on that album and I would have liked to have done or tried some things differently. But there wasn’t enough money or time.


Visó: It’s natural that you strive for harmony.

PIET’s looking for harmony

PIET: I am also a person who hates arguments and fights, I’m always looking for harmony. I also think people shall laugh more often. I think having creative freedom as a musician is very important. But without money or enough time, you often don’t have that. Especially if you have to pay to work with a professional musician, then you need to make and know all decisions immediately. Major changes are often no longer possible later. Which isn’t very helpful in getting a song perfect. But I just had to learn to accept it and that not everyone you work with puts as much heart into the work as you.

Despite the many sorrows she has gone through in her life, she always tries to see the world in a positive light and appreciates every little thing.
PIET: “As if I were giving words to silent cries and voice to emotions.”/Photo: Piet Arion


Visó: Are you always looking for new musicians?

Looking for musicians and video makers

PIET: So, I’m always looking for new musicians with whom I can work on new things and would love to take their time for me. Anyone can contact me to make music with me. I’m always looking for people who would like to make a cool music video for me.


The fans love his work

Sometimes it can be hard for him not to lose the motivation when he does all the work by himself. Although, he finds it wonderful when his fans love all his work. That means everything to him.


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Visó: Music is a huge investment to you. Why exactly music?

”…someone will love it and maybe will listen to it even in 100 years…”

PIET: There are often days when I think, why did I not invest my time and money in something else? Why did I invest it in music? I don’t know. Maybe because very early on in my life, I understood that nobody lives forever. And I always wanted to try to do something, that maybe lasts forever. Something that stays. Because nothing in my life seemed to be constant. I thought maybe I have nothing in my life, but at least I have some music that someone loves. And maybe listens to it also in 100 years – that is a beautiful thought.



Visó: What do you strive for in life?

What PIET wants is: His own home, artistic freedom, a simple life and good hearts.

PIET: One day I would like to have my own home and to also find a place that I can call home. And of course it would be nice to have more artistic freedom, to live a simpler life, and to have enough money without worries. To have musicians in my life that I can call true friends and who never cause stress or pressure. Neither want an incredible amount of money for everything. Someone who has a good heart, understanding and empathy. I’m looking for someone with whom it would be fun to make music again. Otherwise I don’t want to do it anymore. I am a person who strives for inner peace. I don’t like quarrels. And I don’t like greedy people. I don’t like injustice. I’m looking for harmony and peace.


Visó: What have you noticed on yourself that has moulded and changed you? What were the things that pushed you to change inside and out?

“The Other Side”: “Circumstances lead to places and places lead to circumstances.“

PIET: I think you experience change the most through the influence of other people and by living conditions. A quote from my song “The Other Side” says: “Circumstances lead to places and places lead to circumstances. “Sometimes you’re lucky. But often you don’t have luck and you don’t have the opportunities that others have. And you try to cope with what life gives you. What can change you a lot are relationships. When you were very unhappily in love for example and believed in someone, who turned out to be a different person. To let someone go that you loved and when you lost everything you had because of that person. Or even had to live on the street for a short time. Things like that can change you the most I think. It can be hard to forget things and deal with them in the future if they leave scars forever. For example, not be able to release my music for a long time was hurtful. But I think my healing process is going well. The most important thing is to learn about people who are not good for you and to recognize these situations.



Visó: There are many people who love you, but not everyone likes the person who and the way you are!


PIET: For a long time I didn’t know that people from all over the world would like me. To me this is heartwarming. Really nice people I didn’t know of, exist and think the same way as I do. That’s fascinating. And I am getting to know more of these people. But it can still be hard to be accepted sometimes. For example, when I posted a picture of me kissing a man on Instagram, I immediately lost 300 followers. I thought there was nothing bad about it at all. The picture was just about love, something wonderful. But some people saw it differently. It’s very hard when you’re not allowed to be yourself and can’t live freely. That’s why I’m very grateful to many fans for their openness and warmth There are a lot of wonderful people from all over the world who started sharing their lives with me. And somehow they helped me in a lot of ways. They always tell me to stay strong. And I try to tell them the same!



A dark place

PIET: Life can be such a dark place and it’s hard to be happy in life with all the obstacles. I learned that we all have fears and we are in difficult relationships. That basically, we all go through the same. So we should be there for each other and share our lives much more. And in the end, your life may not look so dark.

Visó: You mentioned harmony. I think we should return to that topic. How do you find peace and harmony for yourself?

More silence and nature

PIET: After all the turmoil I experienced in the big city, I long to live more in the countryside outside the city. More in silence and nature again. I miss the constant rain all night long on the mountains until the morning hours. I find peace and strength in nature when I can be for myself but not my creativity, this basically always arose from love affairs. In my song “The Other Side” I sing about meeting so many people like I’ve lived all those lives. This is true.


Love affairs

PIET: I’ve had many love affairs and met a lot of people. I saw different lives, from rich to poor. From extremely narcissistic people to extremely empathetic, understanding people. In some relationships I completely lost myself. I saw people who were selfless or destroyed by drugs. I even dated politicians but also unemployed gamblers. I was also in love with someone who liked heavy metal music and who collected skulls all over his apartment. I’ve been with artists and I saw so many different worlds. People with different interests and goals. And I often asked myself: In which of these worlds do I belong? It seemed like I was all of that and nothing at the same time. But what I was searching for was real love and safety, which is hard to find. Also to find someone empathetic, understanding and sensitive is not easy to find. If I didn’t love someone completely with all my heart, then it didn’t work.



Neither money can give you security

PIET: Also, money can’t give you security. The more money someone had I was dating, the less of a good heart that person had. And the less that person showed real passion in bed. Also my experience is that people with good professional backgrounds do not want to date people from poorer professional backgrounds. I’ll give you an example, doctors like to look for a partner who also does something with medicine. You will hardly find someone like that who falls in love with a cleaner. People from higher professional classes, as a matter of principle, never fall in love with someone from an inferior professional class. Because these people do not belong to their world. I also could give other examples but I think you understand what I mean. (Of course I do. Visó)


It was about the feeling of freedom, adventure and partying.
For Piet, it is not so important whether someone is a good singer, but rather how they sound/Photo: Piet Arion



Visó: Finding someone who truly loves you for who you are is not easy indeed!

True love

PIET: Finding someone who truly loves you for who you are is not easy. I was open to falling in love with anyone, no matter what their background was. I didn’t care about a professional background, I wanted to get along well with people. And I was always looking for true love. I didn’t want another relationship where I was unhappy and felt alone. As I searched, I realized that people had a lot of prejudices and high standards about who they could or could not love. But even though I didn’t care whether someone was rich or poor, or what they did for a living, I still often had this feeling. That I wasn’t good enough and that I wasn’t meeting other people’s requirements. Nowadays people have incredible ideas for a relationship that often never come true and then they stay alone for the rest of their lives. I’ve tried to adapt and to be more relaxed. Being in a relationship with a narcissist felt like everything was wrong. Nothing could be done right. They always blame you for everything, even though you did not do anything wrong. In such relationships you can really lose yourself or what you would actually be interested in. But you also lose the good things because they are also criticized by a narcissist. That’s why it’s important to recognize that person’s behavior and when someone is not good for you. When you’re young and naive, you have no idea what a healthy relationship should look like and I think you get hurt more often. When you fight for love, you often do everything for the other person until you learn that being happy is also about you.



Visó: You lived through hell, because you loved someone, who was ruined by drugs.

PIET lost everything for one man

PIET: I did not force anyone to help me with my goals, but I always hoped that someone someday would at least accept them. I also was in love with a person for whom I gave up everything in my life, who was ill with drugs. A long story, but it changed me the most in my life. I fought for this person for several years. I wanted to make music back then, but I put all my money and strength into helping him. His parents had given up on him and it seemed like I also couldn’t save him. It was a long horrible story in which I lost everything. Myself and everything I owned. He took everything away from me, and in the end it turned out that he never really loved me. He just used me for his benefit. He was not satisfied with anything. He didn’t even thank me. Everything I tried wasn’t right. And in the end he killed himself with drugs. I lost everything because of that person and ended up living on the streets for a month, until a friend helped me back into life.

It’s hard to let go

It can be very painful when someone can’t let go of the past yet. It was also hard for PIET to build up everything from scratch again. It took a long time for him to get over all of this. Which is why he wrote a very sad album, that hopefully everyone will be able to listen to one day.



Visó: Letting go is not easy, but I do hope that soon you’ll be able to do so.

The love of the fans is wonderful

PIET: I hope to be able to let go of the past one day and release these songs. If you fight for something for a long time, for your songs and music or for a person, it can feel like burnout. But the love of the fans is something wonderful and magical that carries you forward. Finally, being able to pursue your dreams can take a long time if you aren’t strong enough or have the options yet. For a long time, I did not know what hobbies I have and what I would like to do. Because it seemed like I was only living the life of other people. When I was a teenager and still went to school I never got pocket money. I’ve never been able to buy or choose my own food. At home we only had a certain kind of food. And then I was away from my family, because the school I went to was far away from them. My early relationships gave me a place to sleep. For a long time, I did not have enough money to buy myself good food. When I earned my first money and went to a large supermarket, I didn’t know what to buy there. Because I didn’t know what food I actually like. That’s how I still feel today. This might sound funny or strange to others, but when I go into a big supermarket I first have to think. What food do “I“ actually like?


Visó: We can see old video recordings of you in which we can hardly recognize you because you looked very different. Were you bullied a lot at school?

Girls can also bully

PIET: Sadly yes, and you can see it a bit in the video as well. I do not know why I was chosen. Maybe because I was the shy one. But I was not only bullied by boys, but also by girls. The fact that a boy could be bullied and beaten up by girls didn’t even enter the teachers’ heads, it wasn’t acknowledged. Back then I had to wear glasses and they were always broken b people who punched me or who took away my school supplies. My family had no money to buy me new glasses all the time. So I tried to repair the glasses with adhesive strips as you can see in the video. There was a time when my glasses were so broken that I couldn’t read anything on the school board. And there were also some teachers who teased me because of that. Because of all this and the fact that I was mainly focused on this anxiety, I always did very poorly in school. I even had to repeat two classes.


School has felt like prison – it was like I was being raped

PIET: School has always felt like a prison for this reason. The teachers always said that the world out there will be so much more terrible and harsh and that school will prepare you for it. But the truth is that the world outside of school meant beautiful freedom in which you were not raped by authoritarian people every day. Where you can choose things and just leave if someone is terrible to you. That doesn’t work at school. You have to go through there and you have to see these horrible teachers every day who know nothing about real life. In school you have to submit and do what you are told to do. No matter whether it is right or wrong. In that way you are basically trained as a young person to subordinate yourself. You then take this with you into your first relationships and completely subordinate yourself, but that’s not good, that is wrong! Unfortunately, no teacher could teach me something so important. You don’t learn the important things in life at school. You don’t learn at school how to be truly happy in life. At school there is only dismal obedience. For me, school was the worst time of my life, it was rape. I never got the feeling that I was good at anything. Writing little poems and lyrics for myself, or doing something with music was that made me feel like it was something just for me. That maybe no one could take away from me. Something that belongs to me.


Visó: Which style of music had an effect on you at the beginning of your career?

In the allurement of Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston and ABBA

PIET: Mostly music by Mariah Carey, songs like “Can’t Take That Away”,” Outside” or “Through The Rain” because of the reasons I explained above. But also Whitney Houston because of her singing style. I also grew up with Abba, for example. I already listened to Abba when there were no “Mamma Mia“ films.



Visó: You also love movie soundtracks.

It was Ennio Morricone, who moved him emotionally

PIET: I love melodic songs. But you’d probably be surprised when I tell you that composers from movie soundtracks also influenced me. It is music that I love to listen to. It is music by Ennio Morricone, James Horner, John Williams and many more. I remember only listening to movie soundtracks like “Lord of the Rings“ and especially “Titanic”. Titanic is my most favorite movie soundtrack of all time and also movie. But I also love the soundtrack of “The Diary Book” or “In Time“. Such things I usually listened to. “The Bodyguard” album from Whitney Houston is actually also a movie soundtrack. As a composer, however, Ennio Morricone moved me very much. He experimented a lot and tried out new sounds. He had very different approaches and that reminds me of myself too. Often no one understood his ideas until people heard a finished piece.



Visó: Experimenting and creative freedom is important to you.

Creative freedom

PIET: Mariah also kept trying out different things and is experimenting with new sounds since many years. Her way of singing in combination with her lyrics often touched me very much. Being able to be creative and try out different things can also make work fun and exciting. This creative freedom is important for an artist to develop further.


Visó: When was that moment when you realized, that your life will take this path, though not always straightforward or easy?

The opportunity of free choice

PIET: I don’t know if my life already took a certain path. Also, not with music I think. I have no idea where music will take me in the future. Maybe nowhere, let’s see. Right now I am still fighting for my unheard songs. If I could release them, then after that – I would know more. To be able to walk a path, you must be able to be free to choose and to have a lot of the right support. Otherwise you only stand still. And I hope someone will help me in the future. Alone it is very hard.


Visó: I find it fascinating that I have found two such genius during my internet surfing, Dimash, the Kazakhstan wonder and you. I firstly discovered him and then you. The first song which I have heard from both of you was SOS…. I have not recognized any competition between the two of you, it seems as if you two are great friends. Something you both have in common is the incredible humbleness towards music, your audience and your talent of overwhelming force. Many times that I have watched and listened to both of your incredible voices, I’ve felt it’s almost unearthly what you have created. One thing in common between the two of us is the love of Dimash.


Dimash’s voice is ”like an orgasm”

PIET: I am a big fan of Dimash. I think Dimash is the best singer there ever was. For me he is simply incredible. I like him a lot and listen to all his music. It takes you into a fantasy world and you start dreaming. Even his speaking voice alone is incredible to me, I would almost say it’s like an orgasm with its deep tone and tembre. He is known internationally. He must fit as an artist and type to perform in Russia and China, to adapt to the western world and perform in the USA. He has to be more neutral in a lot of ways to be accepted everywhere. Which means you also have to compromise a lot. His heart belongs to Kazakhstan. But to do more with music as he wants to, he goes to Los Angeles. As a result, he is internally divided and separated from his homeland. Dealing with something like this isn’t easy. I have great respect for him.



Visó: The SOS song. How much time did it take to make this song your own?

”SOS” in French – The Dimash version

PIET: The song is in French and I don’t speak French. My first language is German. I had to learn that for the song. I really like the original lyrics by Luc Plamondon. In order to interpret the song, the way Dimash did, I had to do the version of his lyrics. Which are changed and don’t appear in the song like in the original. I tried to include more of the original lyrics in the song, but then you can’t sing it like Dimash. That’s why I basically sang his version of the lyrics. That is also why I called my version Dimash version and not the version of Daniel Balavoine for example. I was met with a lot of hostility that I did a cover of that song. But I really like the song. I think people should not compare two different artists. The song is the main reason why so many new fans come across me, who then automatically compared me with Dimash. We live in this age where people compare and criticize because that’s apparently exciting for some. But it would be much nicer to just enjoy the music. I think with an orchestral version I also made a rather different version. From a musical point of view. At first there was just a piano line with chords and to that the whole orchestra was arranged to. I did that with David Gerd Ogris. He is amazing with orchestra and with him I could make this song to my own epic version so to speak. I learned French with a big fan of mine, Yacine from France. His first language is French. That was important to me for learning the song to pronounce the lyrics correctly because they tell an important story. I video-phoned him and sang the song to him over and over again and he was correcting me with the pronunciation. So everything took a while. There is also a lot of choir in the last part of the song. Which is more in the background and sings the same notes as I do. I tried to make it like an epic movie soundtrack that I would love.


Visó: How do you start writing a song?

Words to the silent cries

PIET: I can have an idea very quickly. Mostly, unfortunately not on the so good days and moments when I’m looking for answers in life. Moments in which I’m looking for something positive in the suffering. As if I were giving words to the silent cries and making their feelings audible. In my album, “Teenage Storms” every song comes to life in a different way. The idea for “Scheideweg” I first had written in German, which is my first language. That was at a time when I didn’t know whether I wanted to make music in English. Then it just happened because I wrote another song and that one was already in English. So I thought, Abba were from Sweden and also did not have English as their first language. But I like that language – so why not give it a try? But I never really paid attention to rhyming sentences. The content was more important to me.



Visó: ”For A.F”?

A farewell gift for the ”Butterfly”

PIET: I often write a longer text and don’t keep all of it. Like with my song “For A.F.”. I was writing so much text, but it was too much for one song. The song is about someone I loved. Someone I was not good enough for. And it is funny, because that guy I was in love with, searched for me years later and met me again. But also then it did not have a happy ending. But to be that special for someone somehow healed a bit of my heart and soul. In the past he decided to not get together with me because he stumbled over an amazingly beautiful guy, younger than me and more interesting. To me they looked perfect together. I thought why can’t I have that? Until later he told me that it only looked so perfect to the outside world but in reality it was not. He is an adventurer who cannot sit still and has no home. He is a butterfly that you have to let go… and so on… which I am singing in my song “For A. F.” The way I describe things in the song, I tell a lot more about him. But in a hidden way. I even sing about where he comes from if you pay attention. He had decided that things weren’t right between us and we met one last time. I’ve been telling him for a while that I made music, but he had never heard any of my music. Also a lot of my friends do not know that I make music and have never heard any of my music. So I gave A. F. a USB stick with some of my songs as a farewell gift. I wanted him to listen to it later after our goodbye, but he wanted to listen to it right away before I left. And then he listened to my song “For A.F.” and also “In My Daydream” which I dedicated to him. He started crying a lot and it was very emotional. Up until that point he hadn’t heard any of my music. I told him about it for a long time, but he never really knew what I was doing with music. I knew he didn’t love me as much as I loved him. And these songs were my way of telling him. But I would have liked to say “I love you” at the end. But I didn’t and could not do that. He did not love me. But I know he tried to. In moments like this you ask yourself: What was wrong with me? Why couldn’t it work? But maybe that’s just life.



Visó: You became attached to many things in your life, so these moments want to erupt from you: They appear in your songs like, „In My Daydream”.

Words can be powerful

PIET: My song “In My Daydream” is about dreaming about this person and seeing that person again. It’s about carrying these important moments you had with that person in your heart forever. I often start to write down words. J.K. Rowling said: Words can be powerful. And I often thought, ok maybe I have nothing in my life, but I still have some words that I can write down. And often I immediately had an idea of a melody. I put everything of myself into a song. All my texts are based on true events. I often tried to make the songs better in terms of arrangement. So, I tried to work together with other musicians that could bring something to the table. I think that is also how the members of Abba tried to do that. For a long time I tried to make my songs better somehow, to give them justice for the work I put into them. I learned a lot in all those processes.


Party and energy

PIET: That’s why I upgraded my song, the “My Party Track”. I love the drums and I like the feeling that you really want to party and that it has so much energy. I also recorded cars for this song. Many people shook their heads and didn’t understand it. I remember friends would pick me up with a car to go to the party. It was always an exciting moment before the party. That is the kind of feeling that the song and the car sounds give tome. It has a certain, in German I would say “Aufbruchsstimmung“. That word cannot be translated to English. It has some vibe of “Now we’re leaving and having fun!” When writing texts, I generally noticed that there are many German expressions and words that do not exist in English. But I like that English is a very simple language.


Visó: With your current newest official music video of My Party Track you very much surprised me. It’s full of energy and life, quite different from your usual style. It’s like you have taken us to a party full of life, loud music. Also, the lyrics have a power that can be felt through you. What I feel from your newest clip is that you have loosened up and it feels like something has been released from you. This is also you! Very much! I would be honoured if you would share a few details about this and the participants. (The video clip has been uploaded to your channel on the 30th of April!)

Party, dance and twirling

PIET: I had a concept with a car, which unfortunately was never implemented. I made the video with the help of a video company and they had their own ideas. But I often wish people had listened to me more. But if you’re not nice – you’re labeled as difficult and I didn’t want that. But basically you should stick to the things that you want, to get them. I didn’t do that back then. You put a lot of energy into things and still have to make compromises, which you shouldn’t have done. But I still achieved one thing with this music video – it’s funny and hopefully it makes you want to party and dance. The girl and the boy, they were actually actors. I think they were great and funny! The agency did not give me their contact data and I could not keep in touch with them. I also don’t know if they liked me or the song. I hope so! If they would get in touch with me I would be honored to name them! Under the “My Party Track” video: It is filmed in Vienna where I live right now. You see locations where I sometimes walk by. The beginning scene is the centre of Vienna and at the end there is this the beautiful sunrise of Vienna. The scenes in between are filmed by the “Gürtel”. So you see a little bit of Vienna.



Visó: My dear friend, Edu, who’s also our translator, really likes „Scheideweg”. He’s more of a metal fan but you still captured his attention! Just like mine! Would you tell us more about its production?

You have to make a decision – Crossroads

PIET: Then I made the music video “Scheideweg” completely according to my own concept and I’m very happy about it. That was actually a very complex video. I’ve been collecting material for this for years and I love timelapse videos of cities at night. “Scheideweg” is a German word and it means much more than “Crossroads” in English. It’s about making a decision. This world of ours that we live in, is full of impulses and information. It somehow always make us feel like we constantly need to be doing something. We cannot be quiet. Neither on the inside or the outside. Why is this? Why are we afraid to stop just for a little bit in this, sometimes empty, meaningless whirlwind? There’s just a lot happening around us, and because of that finding inner peace is difficult. Also, because something inside us is constantly moving us. But that can also drive us to fight and make something good to happen. However, we have to be careful not to lose ourselves and should pay more attention to what fulfills us in life. I think a lot of people dream about having a different life but they cannot break out and run away. That is why I think it is very important, that if you have a partner, then he/she is the right partner for your life. Otherwise, it will not fit and you will feel trapped. You can always quit your job and change somehow, but not so easily the people around you. So you have to choose your friends wisely and really know if they are real friends.



Visó: How do you spend your time when you are not composing a song or writing lyrics? Do you even have time for yourself?

Pains and cry

PIET: A lot of things happened recently in my life. Sadly a lot of stress and pressure but also “mental rape” by certain individuals. Things with people that I am not allowed to talk about. But from both, my workplace and from the music scene. It is not always possible to protect yourself from certain people. No matter how much you have learned in the past, itis not always possible. And I overworked myself, which made me very sick recently. I had to compromise what I can do, and what I have to do and so on, to somehow go through all that. But when I got so sick, I had to stop. Because of overworking, stress and then also an infection, I lost my health and my voice completely. I was doing very bad. That was a half year ago. I was not able to speak a word any more. I could not talk or say anything. I had incredible pain and I cried. The doctor said it looks very bad, very, very bad. I have slowly recovered and I am trying to take more care of myself again. And since the last months, I very slowly tried to regain my voice and I can also speak more and more again.


Visó: You have first seen the light of day at a place where mountains, rivers, trees, birds and other things have shown you beauty. Have they inspired you in any way? Do you hear your own voice from inside, the sound of your heart?



The sound of music

PIET: Do you know the movie “The Sound of Music”? I think there will always be a certain sound of music inside of me, in my heart, from the mountains and the country side. If you watched the movie then you also know what I mean. The movie is filmed in Salzburg in the 60s. For example the park completely looks the same nowadays as it did in the 60s. You will have the feeling you are in the movie of “The Sound Of Music“ when you go to Salzburg. It is only three hours away from Vienna. Especially if you come from the mountains, you will always miss them when you are in a place where they don’t exist. Also around Vienna there is a lot of nature and also mountains, but it is different. It is funny, even though you will always miss things in your life, you also long for things that you never had in your life. And you did not even experience yet. For example I think I could get used to living by the sea, by the ocean and listen to the waves every day.



Visó: What kind of dreams do you want to come true?

PIET: Sometimes you have your dreams and then they seem so far away. Right now I want to be healthy again. I also hope that in the future I can get rid of all the toxic people in my life.


Visó: How do you experience being on your own?

Hanging out in nature – Finding home

PIET: To take time for yourself is not always easy. Because it does not mean that you also can turn off your mind. So it is important to do something where you are able to let go of everything that stresses you. To go into the nature or to a beautiful place, so that you can really turn of all your negative thoughts. To forget about your fears and feel alive again. And in a very fast paced busy time, you kind of have to have a plan and relearn it. And also to find new places that are good for you. Or you have a place that you can call your own, your own home. Which I don’t have already. Maybe this dream will come true in the future. My fans have written to me that they can find their way home through my music. That really warmed my heart. That is maybe why I started to make music. So if I do not find my home – others maybe do! Maybe music brings people back home. Maybe it will heal their souls or bring back a lost feeling. Or when people say that they experience emotions again through my music, that all means a lot to me. And if I can’t find my home myself, but at least my fans do through my music, then that means the world
to me!


PIET is the light for others

Somebody once wrote to Piet, that when his life is so dark that he doesn’t see the light, then maybe he’s the light for others. Piet and his fans both think that it’s a beautiful feeling.



Spiritual nudity

I didn’t start journalism today, but right now I’m presenting you my very first most sincere interview: clean, bare, without any unnecessity, pose, and persona. PIET ARION Is A True Soul! The ”spiritual nudity” stands before you! However, the incredibly pure soul’s face now asks you to take a look at him! Look at him, and analyze his words, his sea of thoughts, his lyrics and through his voice, his vibrations! To me, it is both interesting and surprising, that he doesn’t have any great plan or goal to achieve in life. He only wants to live a simple life! Although, he could dream of and wish for bigger things, because he has all the talent and skill to achieve them! A noble man has left his wonderful heart and soul for us here! His personality can only grow and build up more with your help! I tell you though, that it’s true vice versa! 🙂 You can give him a huge amount of energy, so he can live with his talent and brilliance, because he also repays you with interest! He gives you himself, the joyful and even the most sorrowful aspects of his soul! That is why he is him, and he’s no one else than PIET ARION.


You can give him enormous faith, strength, and energy so that he can live with his skills and genius, because he will give everything back to you, with interest! Give YOURSELF, the joyful, but also the most regretful aspect of your soul! That makes Him who He is: PIET ARION.
PIET: “Still, why are we afraid to stop for a while in this sometimes empty and meaningless whirlwind?”/Photo: Piet Arion


The face of love

He recently uploaded his ”This Christmas Feeling” song. In this song his beauty really shines through his face onto the face of the world! The face of love! The love that we all seek shouldn’t be given only at a time like this, but in all of our moments, passed and lived through! From all this prayer, nothing else comes to my mind clearer than that, without love and affection, we worth nothing!



In the most holy hours of silentium, I embrace all the feelings and vibrations of this song. So might you?


Dear Visitor, PIET!

I wish you that the ”Christmas lights” would never fade from your heart! Shine in this wonderful brightness, in every moment of this year! Paint the canvas of our souls more and more colorful! Announce peace, harmony and love for all your brothers of humanity!



Eternally grateful and full of hugs:


Translated into English:

I work for a construction company as an office/personal assistant.
Eszter Éló


EDU angolt tanít, szereti a fizikai munkát, testedzést
Szuromi Erhard





Visó, a egyik alapítója
Visó/Photo: Mihály István


  1. I guess this is the space for comments. Thank you very much Visó for this interview and to the translation work as well. I think more than one soul bared himself in words for us.
    I had read about the interview on YT and was skeptical. I am so glad I was wrong.
    I loved the feelings behind the lyrics and the people able to convey them.
    A big hug from Cuba.

    • Dear Jacqueline!

      Thank you very much for the kind words!
      In fact, PIET surrendered to us.
      Thank you very much for participating in the interview!
      I am grateful to him and of course to our translators, Eszti and Edu!

      • I had searched for other interviews before and none came up. So this was a great surprise and a huge treasure. I have to read it again and translate it into Spanish, which is my native language, because in English I lose some words. Looking at a person never tells you everything they carry inside, it’s a little bit their words and quite a bit more their actions that show you who they are. So thanks again.
        I already commented on Insta but over there I go out with a Nick: “leerdormircomer”.
        A big hug.

        • Dear Jacqueline!

          I don’t deny it: I and our translator had similar feelings when we read PIET’s thoughts! Yes, actions speak louder than words. PIET’s work and life story touched me so much that I immediately closed it in my heart.

          I think a real artistic soul who listens and listens receives a huge gift from him. I’m glad you were so touched by this interview!

          I would also like to recommend another interview of ours, and he is of Spanish origin, you may have heard of him: Michael Andreas Haeringer. He is also a real genius like PIET. His modesty and humility towards the music and the fans is like that of PIET. I am glad that he also agreed to the interview.

          If you have time and desire, read this as well:

          With love and hugs:


  2. I didn’t know him but I already went to YT. I saw a couple of videos. He plays and sings beautifully. And he is so young! Now I’m going to read the interview. Thanks for the recommendation.
    With love,

  3. Yes, it’s beautiful. A little rainy this days but that’s an exception. The sun punishes us quite a bit all year round. Heat, heat and more heat. But I guess we’re used to it.
    Kiss and hugs! 💓

  4. Hi, Visó:
    How’s everything?
    I was quite busy and a little sick, and I forgot to tell you that I made a Spanish translation of Piet’s interview. For my personal use and enjoyment of course. If you have more Spanish speaking readers or if you’re interested in having it just let me know so I can send it to you.
    And when you wanna come and visit my country just let me know too. I’m the best tourist guide ever. LOL.

    • Oh dear Jacqueline!

      I’m sad to read that you were sick!

      I hope everything is fine now?

      The Spanish translation and the fact that you would accept the tour guide if they came to you is very kind of you! Not bad!

      I dare not promise, but I would like to travel to your country one day!

      If you think so, you can send it to Piet and if you like it, I could even put it in our paper if you can translate all the texts in the article completely and authentically!

      I also write to Piet that you translated it!

      “What would you say if our interview was also published in Spanish in our newspaper, and Jacqueline shared it with her Spanish acquaintances and friends?”

      Much love, Viso

      • Yes, I’m much better. A cold that got complicated with bronchitis. All those beautiful rainy days but the humidity kills me.
        Whatever you want to do with the translation is fine with me. I try to do my best. I’m a bit of a perfectionist sometimes. 😅 I guess you can see my email so write me and I’ll send it to you. Or if you prefer another way you tell me.
        I’ll write to Piet. I have a debt with him that I hope to pay these days.
        A big hug!

        • Dear Jacqueline!

          Oh, I thought you were a bit stubborn, but I’m glad you’re better!

          Oh, thanks for the opportunity, but PIET decides. You will surely allow us to publish it in Spanish, in your translation!

          Well, you got me curious. What debt does Piet have to pay?

          I am also writing to Piet!

          I would like you to write to:

          Huge love and hugs!


          • Dear Visó:
            Thanks for your good wishes. 💓
            Of course you can publish it. Piet told me yes but wait for him to confirm.
            Don’t be so curious, Visó. 😆
            The debt was mine to him. But I am already in the process of payment. I hope everything will turn out well. I like to help.
            People should help each other more often.
            I already wrote you to the email.


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