Kezdőlap Egyebek Liszt’s music pervades his great-grandson, Michael’s life

Liszt’s music pervades his great-grandson, Michael’s life


Interview with Liszt Ferenc’s great grandson, Michael Haeringer Andreas, composer, and pianist


I strongly stand by the belief that people who are born into this world, without exception, are full of abilities, a variety of possibilities, and talent. People who have been blessed with talent easily bring it to the surface and just as easily extract everything that is required for an artist to express and show themselves to the world. Something that makes a mark now and lasts till the unforeseeable future. Represents true value and brings to the surface such human and unearthly things that we can live without but, would leave a great emptiness in our hearts and souls. We must look for meaning within the cage of this senseless world since our souls long for what we call joy. We want to live in a way that does not revolve around materialistic things and as a result cause suffering but, reaches far beyond these things. Certainly, it is not visible or touchable and, therefore cannot be felt in a physical sense. Despite this, something still touches our souls in this whirlwind of values and senses, it paints beautiful vivid colours into moments that we experience, which guide us into a world that is so far beyond our senses. Here, we potentially find home and peace, where our rightful place is, where we want to live. I am fully aware that it is possible to live and to seek fulfilment in life but, sometimes we also hold the possibility of it not working out.



My mother grew up with her family in the south of Germany. My father was born in a small village in Germany, Koblenz. They both come from beautiful places.
Michael at her 2018 Brazil concert / Photo: Michael




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Sometimes I feel as if I am not living in this world. Particularly, when I find such talent in someone that is lacking from me, lacking from most people. It is of course a fact, that on its own, talent is simply not enough, to create something everlasting. Much more is needed to be able to find the right audience through our art and creations. We must gift people the values and feelings that lie deep within us. If I just think about how much a genius can give me, it would be difficult to explain. However, such people pull on my heartstrings simply by how much more they can extract from themselves, compared to others, including myself. They simply express through their work, songs, and instrumental playing what I would like to express and once this happens, it is an indescribably uplifting feeling that makes me incredibly happy. Especially, if that person is a world widely known and acknowledged musician, composer, teenage girls’ idol, the 21-year-old Michael Andreas Haeringer.




Futó Mária kozmetikus Földeák



Visnyei Ferenc/Visó



Someone longing to play the piano – at only 10 years of age he knew this was his instrument and he will compose his entire life.


Liszt Ferenc International Piano Competition: Chinese winner

The New York Liszt Ferenc International piano competition finished on Friday in the world’s leading concert hall, Carnegie Hall. The winner arrived from Hongkong


Liszt zenéje áthatja szépunokája, Michael életét

His father was his biggest fan – His grandfather understands the language of music


Visnyei Ferenc/Visó: Your parents lived in Germany before you were born. Could you please tell us about them?

Loving family

MICHAEL HAERINGER ANDREAS: My mom was born in Southern Germany where she grew up with her family. My father was born in a small city Koblenz in Germany. Both are from beautiful places. I am so happy that I have a really loving family and I still have my mom who was always so good to me, and she helped me through the worst and best of times. She was always by my side when I was playing and studying the piano. She always listens to me when I talk about my goals and what I would like to achieve in the future.



He lost his father at the age of nine

MICHAEL: she did everything she could to make my dreams come true, so I am absolutely grateful to her for everything she did and does for me. She has nothing to do with music, she was a professional tennis player when she was young. And my dad sadly passed away when I was pretty young when I was about 9 years old, so I do not have many memories of him, I know he was a very caring dad and always helped out with everything. He helped my mum, helped me, he was a fan of mine when I played the piano, listened to me every day, and enjoyed being with us. I only have good things to say about both of them. I am mostly grateful for my grandparents from my mum’s side. My grandfather actually played cello when he was younger, so he understands music and he loves to listen to everything I do and when I was studying as a kid, he used to listen to me for hours and hours every day per Skype after my dad passed away.



Only child – raised with two mother tongues

Visó: It was easy to get a hang of the German language as well as Spanish. Did you learn German from your parents or in school? I am sure also didn’t find it difficult to learn English.

Michael: I am a single child, and, in my case, it only benefited me that I could have the only attention of my parents for me. I was very lucky to be raised in 2 mother languages, one being German and one being Spanish, both of which I have learned in a German school in Barcelona.  English was always a passion of mine, so I did everything I could to master it the best that I could, basically learning it by myself.


Beethoven – Sonata Moonlight – Michael Andreas


PIET Arion: “… there is always a kind of music in my heart…”


Effect on the world

Visó: I am almost certain that you have a very sensitive soul, to you it is important to live through and deal with certain feelings. It greatly affects you when you see or experience suffering in the world. I am sure that not only human suffering or unfortunate fate in life affects you but, also the suffering and struggles of animals and nature as well. You have unfortunately experienced great pain and suffering at a very early age when you had to lose your father at the age of 9. If I am correct, you did not spend time with music for a year following this. How were you able to process the unchangeable? I am sure that you must have an extraordinarily strong connection with your mother. Has your mother been a part of this healing process?



Deep emotions

MICHAEL: As someone I have deep emotions every day when I do music, I always want to transmit joy and happiness to as many people as I can reach and as many people that want to be reached. I really hope that I can leave a good impact on this world to make it a little bit better, even if it is just a little bit better and one day say that I did good. Not for myself but for others. I am very aware of all this suffering, not only human suffering but also other types of suffering and I want to do everything in my power to make people’s life a little bit better and happier with my music. My father died when I was very young, I was not able to write any music the year following the tragic accident, but music was the only way to quickly recover from the trauma, and together with my mum, we helped each other with music and with love to go forward in life.



The ones who valued his music

Visó: For some reason, the image that I have painted in my mind is that it was quite difficult for you to build your self-confidence, it was hard for you to open up to others and the world. Am I wrong?

MICHAEL: As a classical musician in my early years, I did not find much positive reaction from classmates my age. Sadly, they did not really appreciate the music I have been doing. But with the years this changed, and I started to be with people that appreciate who I am and what I love to do.


Music is a beautiful way to convey what we feel and connect with others. Music is a universal language, especially for those of us who struggle with our emotions.
6th of November in Spanish television – TV3 – interviewed and played / Photo: Michael



Connecting with others through music

Visó: I think that you are interested in people. You need to get to know people and see their true colours, and feelings. Despite this, for you, it is quite hard to open up to people. Specifically, you express your deepest feelings in your playing and music. Am I right in thinking this?

MICHAEL: For all my life I have been expressing most of my feelings by creating and playing music as it is hard for me to connect otherwise with people. Music is a beautiful way to transmit what you are feeling and connect to other people. Music is a universal language, especially for us people struggling with emotions.



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Longing for the piano

Visó:  Even though my dream was always to sing as a solo in an orchestra, I always kept in mind the beginning, how it started. I looked back at the time when I was in secondary and high school and even the times when I was able to sing in other smaller choirs. The beauty of the unity of singing together as a community takes you to a different dimension. Being a part of a choir and singing with others is an out-of-the-world experience. I would like to ask how your connection with singing and music started. If I have been correctly informed, you were already singing as part of a choir at the age of 4. Where was this? Was there anyone who inspired you to do so?

MICHAEL: Yes, when I was 4 years old, I started to sing in a chore quire in Barcelona with little kids of my age. It was an amazing experience, this experience made me long for the piano as it was the main instrument in the choir class, I have seen the teacher accompany the songs we have been singing. I was stunned by the way the instrument sounded and all the things you could do with it. It is true that from the age of 5 – 9, I stopped singing because I was so focused on the piano alone, I didn’t have any extra time. But at 10 years old I knew that I wanted it to be a part of my life as well, the same goes with writing music. The experience of singing in chores with other people like gospel choirs or as a backing vocalist was always very amazing and refreshing.


It's always a challenge to play live instruments instead of playback. This is a piece in which I put a lot of work and various emotions.
Michael is focused on her 2018 concert in Brazil



A live orchestra is always a challenge compared to a playback

Visó: I must admit that I had no idea who you were when I first heard Tears in Heaven. But it didn’t matter because what you composed 5 years ago, at the age of 16, has said all that needed to be said. I was listening to such a mature piece from a musician who undoubtedly captivated me and left a great impression on me. I doubt that I am the only one. The tears that filled my eyes as a result of your music did not happen by chance. These tears have painted the colourless and boring canvas of my soul. I am filled with splendid colour which are symbols of beauty and life that have heavenly origins. The title also suggests something: Tears in Heaven. This was the exact moment I knew that these tears were shed and brought to us by you to also have such a great emotional effect. I would like to ask you about the creation of this piece. Where did this first debut? Do you play this piece regularly at your concerts?

MICHAEL: Tears from the Heaven is one of my proudest but also one of my earliest film music compositions. Even though I started to write film music when I was 11, I didn’t fully explore all the modern tools of the modern orchestra and the digitalization of orchestra music until I was 16 when I wrote this composition. I have played it in some concerts, it is always challenging to play it with real instruments over playback. It is a song in which I have put many diverse emotions and a lot of work into it. My songs always represent a certain aspect of life.

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PIET Arion: “… there is always a kind of music in my heart…”


 My first debut was in

Spain Got Talent semifinal round here is the link:


His great-grandfather inspired him – Liszt was his ideal

Visó: What I already know about you: At the age of 7 your mother presented to the world that Liszt Ferenc, a genius with Hungarian origins, one of the most successful composers, pianist, music teacher, and essay writer was your great-grandfather. Did this ever cross your mind before? Were you just as shocked to find this truth as I was? In me, I had an image that one of your ancestors must have been a great musician for you to be blessed with such talent. Once I got to know your music and pieces, I read in a magazine about where this musicality could potentially come from with which you wow everyone, independent of age and gender.

MICHAEL: When I was 7 and my mum told me, I was generally really shocked, as he was like an idol for me as a composer, I have always loved the most and was inspired to play the most. I always wanted to play as much of Liszt as I can, as his music represents me in my life in a very special way.




Azahriah kapta a legtöbb jelölést a Klipszemlén


Growing into the shoes

Visó: The compulsion to conform creates a barrier for many of us in every aspect for us to be able to develop and move forward. Does it inspire you more, knowing who your great-grandfather was?

MICHAEL: It is an amazing honour to have him in my family and I hope that I will do him justice and challenge me to be the best musician that I could possibly be. It obviously gives me even more energy to do the absolute best and do him justice, I really want to impact this world as he did it and make as many people as possible a little bit happier with my music.


Piano Man Michael Andreas Haeringer – latest version with lyrics


Liszt and Carles Guinovart

Visó: My biggest dream in life could not become a reality due to the lack of talent and the right hands to learn to play the piano. One thought from Beethoven always sticks with me: „Playing the piano means that we hit the right note at the right time.” This sentence is absolutely true but, for some reason sounds too simple. What skills or other things do you need to be able to hit those notes on the piano, ones which sometimes turn into sheet music, or does it come from somewhere deep within? And doing all of this not only by hitting the right keys but bringing life to the notes? One thing that I am sure of, is that it is not ancestry pressure that was put on you. It is of course a fact that your ancestor was a remarkable world widely known pianist with a unique knowledge of playing the instrument, which amazed so many. As I saw, you also have an amazing way of playing the piano. Which Liszt piece was the first that you learned? Who do you think of fondly from your piano teachers?


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Michael-Liszt: Hands and taste are both similar

MICHAEL: Well, first of all, I think to be a good musician you need to be emotionally sensible, your own emotions and your thoughts being controlled, because playing piano is not only physical activity but also the other way around, it is 90 % emotional and mental challenge more than physical one. It is always telling a story or singing the melody on the piano or even though it is a percussion instrument in my film music composition. I think that my way of playing piano is very similar to the technique that Liszt used in his compositions as we both have similar hands and similar taste. The first composition I learned was Valse Oubliee when I was about 8 years old. One of the teachers who had the most impact on my life was composer Carles Guinovart, who not only told me how to write music, but also how to play music, he taught me the history of music, orchestration, and many other things. He was like a grandfather to me, sadly he passed away about 4 years ago. I will always remember him; he will always be in my heart.



His hand on the keys

Visó: Are you also adamant about practicing the instrument? Are you lenient towards forgetting the most basic things, just like your ancestors? Do you ever forget to eat etc.?

MICHAEL: My mum brought me food to the piano and even put it into my mouth because I didn’t want to put my hands off my piano, I was very eager to learn and play without wanting to lose any minute.


I can't live without music.
Michael: “Music is my life, it’s like the air I breathe.”


He’s happy to receive all kinds of love

Visó: You have many characteristics and personal traits that match your great-grandfathers. He was known to be greatly liked by the opposite gender. I am sure that girls greatly like you too. How do you take this?

MICHAEL: I obviously embrace and react positively to all the love that I get from anyone who loves me as a person or as a musician.


Love, composing, and lyrics

Visó: Love has found you at a pretty early stage. Is it true that your girlfriend, Nelli is featured in multiple of your video clips? Is there any or more than one song that has been dedicated, or written for her? From these pieces, it can be felt that you have experienced the sweet and kind moments of love. For sure, love is also a source of inspiration, your love must be a sort of muse, so it is no surprise you have composed such authentic pieces. How should we imagine the process of composing? Are your compositions created with the help of the piano? What about the lyrics?

MICHAEL: Yes, she is featured in many video clips, and I dedicated many special songs to her. She used to be a very important part of my life. But times move on, and things change. Most of the emotions are sorts of inspiration. This is usually my starting point when I am writing a new composition. I usually first need to feel comfortable in the surroundings and from there on I just need to connect with my innermost thoughts and my emotions to start writing. I usually use my piano or my voice to write new compositions. Speaking about lyrics, this is a very different topic as I am trying my best transforming my thoughts into phrases.


Music is his life

Visó: You have gifted teenagers with a countless number of pieces but, I believe that you have also gifted every single age range. Both world, classical and pop music cause you absolutely no trouble. What is the reason behind giving your absolute most, what you want? I am sure that for you, fame is not the priority and that you have much higher and noble goals. Am I right in thinking this?

MICHAEL: Music is my life; it is like the air I breathe. I can’t live without music. Without music, I feel sad and depressed and my life becomes meaningless.


He learned Liszt pieces faster

Visó: I read that you interpret the pieces of Liszt Ferenc much more easily than other composers’ pieces.

MICHAEL: Yes, this is true. From the very beginning, I could play the most difficult pieces within a few days.


Liszt’s strength: romance and sacred music

Visó: If Liszt Ferenc were alive today, for sure he would be a great celebrity, and the papers would always be full of news about him. Few people know that he proudly owed up to the fact that he was Hungarian despite learning the language itself, later during his lifetime. It also might be an interesting fact that „Missa Solennis Zur Einweinhung der Basilika in Grad” was composed as a testament to his Hungarian origin. In my opinion, this is the most touching sacred composition in the world. Unfortunately, several people did not want it showcased in Esztergom or even at all in Hungary. I guess this fact was also well-known to you. Wherever it was that he lived, he always spoke very proudly of being Hungarian. I guess you are no different to him. Although you were born and raised in Barcelona, I am sure that you do not hide your origins from Germany. Do you ever deny that you also have Hungarian ancestors? I have to say that Liszt Ferenc was the pioneer of romance and sacred music composition. Something tells me that you are also able to bring something new and light into the musical industry if you allow me to express it this way. I am sure that soon you will show yourself to the world and will create something original in music. Do you have such plans or goals? Would you be so kind to share some of these plans with us?

MICHAEL: Yes. Liszt was a great innovator, he did many things on a grand piano that no one had done before, he explored music like no other music writer has done before, and as you said, romance and sacred music were some of his strengths. Also, the concept of piano transcriptions of great operas and other bigger orchestra pieces on a piano was one of his inventions. One of the things I am already working on is combining and mastering several music styles together, bringing several types into one and I have other projects planned. I would certainly love to do something new in music, change the music direction a little bit.




Visó: Whichever genre of music you reach for, it shows that you are comfortable and at home. Can you name a piece that you think of fondly or that you are the proudest of?

He started composing at the age of 9

MICHAEL: I am very fond of my more recent compositions, they have yet to be released to the public so I can’t say the specific names. I am also very proud of my early piano compositions like my Nocturno in Si sharp minor I have written when I was 9 years old. Also, my latest film composition releases on Spotify, Stargazing, Responsibility, and Ocean Lights are one of my newest film compositions I have put a lot of effort and I consider them as my best ones so far.


Negative emotions

Visó: Something that I have noticed is that whenever you play or sing, the figures and themes all represent a suffering soul. I’m sure many cannot sense all this through your voice. Why is this? Maybe because they are so caught up in daily life and only care about themselves. Their shoulders collapse under the heavy weight, their vision is blurred, and what’s more, they weaken, even their ears, and hearing become numb, and they glide past the real true human things. What is your opinion about this?

MICHAEL: In the past years I have been connecting with sadder and more negative emotions than the positive ones. That’s why I know to represent them better than positive ones. I am sure that people have noticed it and do care about what I write and why I write it. Every person is different, so everyone connects in different ways with music.

At the age of 10, he competed with his own composition

Visó: You have won multiple awards in international competitions and also in your own country. I am sure that you have earned all of them and worked extremely hard for them. Can you name a few that were the most important to you, and inspired you the most?

MICHAEL: One of the things that inspired me most was the Tu si Que vales competition for the first time I have been competing playing my own composition as 10 years old. It was an honour to play it for the entire national television of Spain and I really enjoyed the whole process. I also won other international competitions that helped me throughout my career to improve and to work harder and more.


Got Talent version


Visó: You have shown yourself in multiple countries as a composer and pianist. Do you see any possibility for your fans and followers to see you in Hungary in the future?

MICHAEL: This is one thing I would certainly love to do, playing a concert in Hungry. It is something I have wanted to do for many years, my roots trace back to Hungry, my favourite composer as I said is Franz Liszt. I would really love to play for my Hungarian fans and the Hungarian public in general. This is something that I really look forward to in the future.


Conversating with friends about life

Visó: For sure it is hard for you to set aside time for your friends or other things. As I know you like football and are a Barcelona fan. Do you also play football sometimes? What are some other things you like to spend your free time with?

MICHAEL:   When I was a little kid, I used to be a Barcelona Fan, but since I have grown up, I have given in to my roots and I have been a solid FC Bayern München Fan for many years now. I love to play football with friends once a week I also like to do various. other types of sports like running and going to the gym. In my free time, I like to hang out with friends, talk about life, and go to eat out somewhere.


Sending all his love to Hungarians

Visó: It was not at all an easy thing to sit down and make this interview with you. Not because I had to read a lot about you and got to learn so much about you. Not because you are such a charismatic musician that it is hard to ask new questions from you. It is because you have almost replied to all of the questions through your music since the language of music can be understood by everyone, it is a world widely known language. I feel as if I stand in front of you bare, to be very honest. I believe and know that you were born a helper, it will be very easy to fulfill your fate in life. You will become the savior of this world with your pieces and your whole being. I am sure that even if you did not know about your great-grandfather, you would still be doing the same thing. I think that everyone is grateful that know about your art, what amazing talent is hidden in you, and that you know about your origins. A very famous saying of your great grandfather was ’Master mindedness bounds us. And also, you. Amen.’

MICHAEL: I have to say that this is one of the deepest interviews that I have been ever presented to. I want to thank you. you personally and send my absolute best regards and love to the people of Hungry, Amen and bless you all.



Dear Reader,                                                                          

Please read the following heartfelt message from Michael! He is an incredibly honest and pure soul to me. I will not try to hide it, I feel him remarkably close to me, as if we would’ve already met in another life.



“I apologize for not being able to finish the interview earlier.

If you wish, you can tell your readers that I lost due to Covid tours planned in South Africa, Brazil, and Europe. For about 30 concerts. This affected me mentally I have been working hard for about 1 year. Then I got ill having vertigo every day which came from nowhere and not being able to work and perform on stage as I was used to, resulting in a further decline in my health and psychological problems.

I have had constant treatments in the last 2 years and still, I am not healed. But I feel finally, a little bit better. I am looking forward to concerts in the US in Texas, San Francisco, and Las Vegas. I have also confirmed concerts in Tokyo Concert Hall Japan and in Taiwan next year.

As I told you in Messenger, I was on Spanish TV this Friday, I sang my own Catalan composition, Amb Tu.



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  1. Totally read. From the depth of your comments, at times it gave me the impression that it was more about sharing feelings and emotions than just asking and answering. An incredible way to show your thoughts on music and its link to life. Beautiful!
    Love and hugs! 💓

    • Oh, I think you hit the spot! Yes, it is very important for me to give something extra in this terrible, emotionally empty, alienating world, something that makes us human and remembers that we are also divine beings!

      I really appreciate you reading us!
      It is an incredible pleasure for us to have you among us!

      With love and hugs!


      • Most people are extremely superficial. It’s very difficult to find someone who’s in tune with you, with your preferences, your ideas and thoughts, your way of looking at life. And it happens that someone you’ve never seen in person understands you better than the person next to you. It’s a noble feeling to want to share the beauty of life, in this dark and chaotic world.

        • You brought very noble, beautiful thoughts here for me, for us! Truly honored! You’re right!

          But if we can touch just one person, it’s worth it.

          In my opinion, our task is nothing more than to provide value in this chaotic world! Emotional and spiritual charge, ammunition to make it easier to endure everyday life!

          Kisses and hugs!



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